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A Lifestyle Opportunity Like No Other! 


Deanna - 30 Minute Hit

“Hi, I’m Deanna Loychuk, President and Co-Founder of the 30 Minute Hit. I would like to welcome you to my30minutehit.com, your research centre for information on this unique opportunity to join our team of amazing Franchise Owners and start living the lifestyle you have always dreamed of!”

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business? Are you passionate about helping others and making a real difference in your community? Do you love fitness? If the answer is YES, then owning a 30 Minute Hit Franchise may be just for you!

First introduced in 2004, and based on many years of experience as recognized leaders in the kickboxing & fitness industry, the 30 Minute Hit® has proven to be one of the most exciting and rewarding women’s High Intensity Training programs anywhere. President and CEO, Deanna and Jackson Loychuk look forward to their team’s continued success in empowering thousands of women through the 30 Minute Hit®’s unique approach and the chance to continue adding great people to their network of franchises. So are you ready to join the team and start changing lives… one punch and kick at a time?

If you are, then we would love to hear from you to discuss all the great benefits of joining the 30 Minute Team, and the opportunity to become part of the rapidly growing fitness industry!

But first here is a little info on why owning a 30 Minute Hit Franchise is such a great opportunity.

  1. ACSMThe American College of Sports Medicine has recognized “H.I.T” (High Intensity Interval Training) type workouts lasting 30 minutes or less, as a
    continuing TOP FITNESS TREND according to the Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends!
  2. Women’s only fitness is one of the fastest growing sectors in the health and fitness industry. Women now out number men in health club memberships and more importantly, most women prefer to work out in a women only environment.
  3. You simply won’t find a more enthusiastic and supportive team in helping you reach your goals and making your dreams come true. From the companies Co-founders, to the support team, to your fellow Franchise Owners, we are team and a family with a common goal of seeing you succeed!


Deanna and BOB
More than a decade ago co-founders Deanna and Jackson Loychuk recognized the need for something different in the women's only fitness market. Fast forward ten years and more than 40 franchise locations later, it would be safe to say that they were on the right track. (Read More)
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