What is 30 Minute Hit®?

So Much More than Just a Gym!

The 30 Minute Hit is definitely not your typical gym. Not a typical women’s only gym. And certainly not a typical Kickboxing gym. The 30 Minute Hit is a special place, that inspires and empowers women through a unique community like no where else.

30 Minute Hit® Philosophy

Our Philosophy is simple. Give women of all shapes sizes, ages, abilities and fitness levels the opportunity to do something they never thought possible and the power to be amazing!

The Product

The 30 Minute Hit is 30 minute women’s only express fitness program combining Boxing, Kickboxing, Self Defense and Core conditioning to create one of the most rewarding workouts anywhere. In just 30 minutes members can punch, kick, sweat, learn, burn and burn their way to results they never thought possible. A comprehensive systemized approach to quality training, assures the best experience for all members every time they train and streamlined operations for franchise owners.

The Results

The results are life changing, for both our Franchisees and their members. While participants of the program become happier people, our Franchise Owners get to realize their goals of helping others and living the balanced lifestyle they have always wanted.


“I have been training with 30 Minute Hit for over 6 years now and the list of results and positive changes I have seen in my own life is a long one! I started Hitting after my twins were three months old. I definitely had some work to do, but wasn’t interested in going to a “typical” gym. I never was comfortable pumping weights or running on the treadmill. After my FREE TRIAL I was hooked and have never looked back. I knew right then and there I wanted to own a Hit.

When the opportunity came up to share all of 30 Minute Hits amazing benefits with the women of Texas my husband and our 5 children moved all the way from Canada to Texas to spread the daily joy of 30 Minute Hit.

Owning a 30 Minute Hit has never been a “job” in my eyes. It is the most rewarding thing you will ever do. You touch other women’s lives in so many ways and they in return touch yours. You cannot help but become invested in other women’s life goals and you feel such personal success on a daily basis when your clients succeed. The smallest improvement in your clients technique, or watching a client completing double time for the first time, or helping someone just feel good about themselves again is the best feeling in the whole world. There is nothing better than owing a 30 Minute Hit!!!!” Candace Walker, Frisco Texas

“I LOVE 30 Minute Hit! It is the place I go to that I know I will get an awesome, rigorous, sweat dripping off my face workout. I will be pushed to give my all by trainers who are caring, supportive and eager to help me obtain my goal. They instruct and guide you to use your full potential while demonstrating the moves to get a full body workout. It is a 30 minute workout that makes me use all muscles in my body (some that I didn’t know I have) while tightening and strengthening my core. It makes me feel rejuvenated and strong when I complete the last round on Bob. It makes me look at myself and discover that muscular toned body I am creating is both beautiful and feminine. While working out I learn techniques in self defense that will may come in handy. I enjoy having to workout because of 30 Minute Hit and I let everyone I know about it:) Thank you 30 Minute Hit for that!!!!”Love to Hit!” Amy Parra, Frisco Texas 

Deanna and BOB
More than a decade ago co-founders Deanna and Jackson Loychuk recognized the need for something different in the women's only fitness market. Fast forward ten years and more than 40 franchise locations later, it would be safe to say that they were on the right track. (Read More)
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